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Swimmer David Meca Medina has joined the list of athletes who will speak at this month’s sports law conference in Amsterdam organized by FIFPro.

Meca Medina filed a claim at the European Court of Justice after he tested positive for nandrolone and was banned for four years by swimming’s ruling body FINA in 1999. The court ruled a sporting sanction should not have a wider impact on an athlete than restricting competition.

Already confirmed to attend “Legal Legends in Sport and The Future of Sport Law” are former footballers Jean-Marc Bosman, George Eastham and Olivier Bernard who fought ground-breaking cases in the European Union, U.K. and France. 

The conference coincides with the 20th anniversary of Bosman’s court victory in which he won the right to become a free agent after his contract with Belgian club RFC Liege had expired.

Among other athletes appearing will be Zahir Belounis, a footballer who was trapped for two years in Qatar under the Kafala system, and speed skaters Claudia Pechstein and Mark Tuitert.

Pechstein is challenging the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s jurisdiction over all sports disputes will be present. Tuitert has filed a complaint against the International Skating Union for barring him from entering an unsanctioned competition. 

Bruno Walrave, a cycling pacer in the 1970s, the baketball player Jyri Lehtonen and footballer Igor Strelkov all made important legal challenges and will also be present at the conference.

What:  “Legal Legends in Sport and The Future of Sport Law”

Where: Amsterdam

When: December 14 (12:00 start) and December 15 (15:00 finish)

Debate includes: FIFPro’s complaint to the European Commission about football player transfer rules; The future of football governance within FIFA, regional confederations and the federations; The impact of FIFA’s new regulations on agents and the threat of match-fixing in sport.


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