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Jackline captained the Kenyan team at the Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup. She led her team to victory and returned to Kenya with more than just a first-place trophy. She had the determination and skills to change her life around and inspire others to do the same.

Things were not always bright for Jackline. Before Paris, Jackline and her two children were homeless and had no support.

“Being a single mother with two kids and at the same time homeless was a challenge” Jackline remembers, “the worst thing was that there were no jobs for people with no education, like me.”

Jackline heard about the Kenya Homeless Street Soccer Association (KHSSA) – the Homeless World Cup national partner in Kenya – and decided to join their programme soon after.

She is very grateful that within that programme came a chance to change her life: “I was asked to play with the Kenyan national team at the Homeless World Cup and also got an opportunity to go back to school after winning a scholarship award.”

After finishing school, Jackline completed a coaching training programme and a community empowerment programme. She now works at a youth academy where she gets to inspire young girls by coaching their football team. “I now earn a salary, which has enabled me to take my kids to school. I also live in a better place.”

Jackline has even started her own initiative to offer young girls free hygiene products such as tampons and sanitary towels, while teaching them about reproductive health, contraception, and sexual violence awareness.

“I feel that my story has really given hope to the hopeless and given a new turn of life for so many girls in the community.”

Jackline’s work promotes the messages of inclusion and awareness that are at the core of the Homeless World Cup. Hopefully her work will continue to help many young girls and prevent them from facing the horrible conditions Jackline once had to endure.