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The Romanian association of professional footballers (AFAN) is extremely worried about the consequences for players due to the insolvency of many clubs in Romanian professional football.

AFAN has asked FIFA and the Romanian President to intervene as, according to the Romanian players' association, there is a great inequality between the rights of the player on the one hand and the club in insolvency on the other.

During the current season, seven football clubs from the Romanian premier league have filed for insolvency: FC Rapid Bucuresti, Universitatea Cluj, Otelul Galati, Dinamo Bucuresti, CFR Cluj, Petrolul Ploiesti and FC Brasov. The latter three alone have filed in the last month.

To make matters worse, Romanian Insolvency Law seriously curtails players' rights. In short, when a club has entered administration, the judicial administrator can unilaterally terminate any contract, where these contracts have not been fully or substantially carried out by the parties involved. This means that football clubs can use this provision to their advantage and unilaterally terminate players' contracts.

0318 Ranking Romania 300On the other hand, Romanian Insolvency Law prevents players making use of "just cause" when they want to terminate their contract with a club in insolvency. The player in question will end up being suspended and unable to sign a new contract or register with a new club.

"There is an obvious inequality between the two parties under contract", said Hulubei in his letter to FIFA. "A club can unilaterally terminate a contract without any sporting sanctions, while a player cannot sign with another club or receive a right to play for another club".

"We can say that at this moment, 200 players have been affected by this development".

The Romanian football association and the Romanian football league are not willing to take any measures to stop this inequality or to prevent clubs from filing for insolvency.

AFAN has asked FIFA ...:

  • To oblige the Romanian football association to urgently modify the Romanian Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players, by imposing serious sporting sanctions on clubs filing for insolvency;
  • To permit the judging with celerity of the disputes of the Romanian players with Romanian clubs in insolvency within FIFA DRC.

AFAN is also seeking support from the country's President (Claus Iohanis) and the Prime Minister (Victor Ponta). On Tuesday, the players' union sent a letter to President Iohanis with a request to mediate and/or intervene in this hopeless situation. Prime Minister Ponta will receive a letter next week.

Furthermore, this weekend, the players are planning two activities to demonstrate their discontent with the current situation:

  • the kick-off of all premier league matches will be delayed with ten minutes
  • the players will hold a Japanese strike and wear white wrist bands during their match.