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The Norwegian Players Union (NISO) secured a historic victory in the Norwegian Supreme Court on Friday. The players, Terje Reinertsen and Jukka Hakala, were dismissed by their club Notodden due to the alleged financial situation of the club. The Supreme Court now ruled that fixed term contracts cannot be breached under such circumstances.


'We are pleased for our members Terje Reinertsen and Jukka Hakala as well as for all other professional athletes in Norway on fixed term contracts. This verdict is very important for all players. We have seen many attempts of clubs trying to dismiss players because of the difficult financial situation they find themselves in. With this verdict, the clubs have to ensure that sufficient financial funding is available when they sign a contract with a player', said NISO president Joachim Walltin.


All five judges of the Supreme Court judges ruled in favor of the players. The verdict now serves as an example of how courts may handle similar cases in the future.


'This case has been fought in three different instances and lasted two years. We lost the first round, but won the two last rounds. I feel very proud of the players who took up this important fight and ended up winning it. They put a great effort in their fight for many other players - now and in the future', Walltin said. 


The club has to pay the remaining balance of the contract to the two players as a compensation for their losses.