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Philip Lund, Issam El Maouardi, Fábio Marquez and Donny Rijnink are four of the 120 professional footballers who participated in this year’s FIFPro Tournament, hoping to impress scouts from clubs, like Eddy Achterberg. They all talked with FIFPro TV.


‘I think I have done my best’, Philip Lund looks back at his own performance at the FIFPro Tournament.


The 21-year old Danish striker managed to score once for Team Spillerforeningen, and displayed his ability to create opportunities. ‘I have showed my attacking skills. I hope it will help me find a club in Denmark or abroad. It doesn’t matter where.’




Issam El Maouardi played an important role in the Swiss Team SAFP, that allowed its opponents few chances and surprised with the second place. ‘We played like a team to show the clubs our talents. I hope the best for all of us’, said the 25-year old Moroccan.




‘It is good to hear that the coach has said that I have played well’, reacted Fábio Marquez, a 20-year old right back of the Portuguese Team SJPF. ’I’m satisfied, especially because we have not trained together a lot.’ The Portuguese team consists of players who trained in two different training camps: north and south.




Donny Rijnink had a special role in Team VVCS, as the 21-year old central defender played almost the entire tournament as a centre forward. In this role he helped the Dutch team win the title. ‘We have showed this tournament that we all are good enough to deserve a contract’, said the 21-year old Rijnink.




Eddy Achterberg is a scout for Red Bull Salzburg from Austria. He was one of many scouts present at the FIFPro Tournament. ‘Players have to show they are not only ready technically but also mentally’, said Achterberg, who was looking for a striker. ‘I was here yesterday and today I’m here again to see how that player plays today.’