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Lau Yui, of Team Hong Kong received Thursday’s FIFPro Fair Play Award in recognition of his respect and consideration for Team Greece during their game on Wednesday. The ceremony took place under heavy rain on pitch 1, but that did not bother Carlos Soto, President of the Chilean players' association Sifup and member of FIFPro's Social Responsibility Committee.

“During half time Lau Yui showed so much respect for the Greek squad,” said match referee Paul Nagtegaal,”the first thing he did was ensuring they all received their water bottles, he even carried them to the Greek side of the pitch."

“These displays of consideration and respect are exactly what we are looking for during this tournament. Lau Yui truly embodies the spirit of Fair Play.”

The award was handed by Carlos Soto, President of the Chilean association of professional footballers and FIFPro Division America board member.

Despite the heavy rains the entire squad of Hong Kong joined their teammate’s celebration in the middle of the pitch.

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