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A study spanning nine seasons in Dutch professional football shows that clubs with artificial turf have a greater home advantage than clubs with natural turf.


The Dutch newspaper AD (Algemeen Dagblad) studied the home advantage on artificial turf from 2005-2006, the season in which the first five Dutch clubs started playing on artificial turf. Now there are thirteen Dutch clubs in two professional leagues with artificial turf.


The study shows that an average club in the Dutch premier league gains 61.7% of its total points from home matches. This is considerably more for clubs with artificial turf: 69.0%.


For clubs who play their home matches on artificial turf there is something of an ‘away disadvantage’. This disadvantage, however, is considerably smaller, probably because artificial turf players are more regularly confronted with natural turf than players who play home matches on real grass and only play on a different surface a few times a year.


Images from ADO Den Haag-FC Twente.

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