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Spain emerged as the winner of Group A of the FIFPro Tournament, in which it faced competition of Italy, The Netherlands and Portugal. The team of coach Manuel Sarabia secured a spot in the final by beating Italy in a necessary penalty shoot-out.


It is the first time Spain is participating in the FIFPro Tournament. The squad of the Spanish association AFE took on The Netherlands in their debut. One week after Spain beat The Netherlands 1-0 in the FIFA World Cup final, also Team AFE secured a 1-0 victory over their Dutch opponents. Midfielder Neftali was the only one who scored.


In their second match Spain faced Italy. The winner of this encounter would also move on to the final of the FIFPro Tournament, because the Italian Team AIC had beaten Portugal with 1-0 in its first match, thanks to a goal from Massimiliano Guidetti. As the game between Spain and Italy ended in a goalless draw, a penalty shoot-out was needed to define the group winner. In the end Spain emerged.


Portugal secured the third place after a 1-0 win over The Netherlands. Milton was the only player who found the net. 






Italy-Portugal 1-0

Score: Guidetti 1-0. 

Italy: Orlandi; Raimondi, Notari, Viali, Vicari; Tarana, Grauso, Brambilla, Stamilla; Guidetti, Giglio.

Portugal: Ernesto; Chevela, Dorival, Rui Raínho, Dani; Tiago Lemos, Sufrim, Bafodé; Rui Dolores, Rui Lopes, Dionísio. 



Spain-The Netherlands 1-0

Score: Neftali 1-0.

Spain: Reguero; Navarro, Neftali, Cavas, Choco; Gurendez, Carpintero, Juan Fran, Manu Sánchez; Ismael, Arnal.

The Netherlands: Van Wegen; De Vlugt, Verdellen, Jacobs, Sam Sin; Linssen, Neervoort, Nahrwold; Vijgen, Van Beukering, Rojer.



Italy-Spain 0-0

Spain wins after penalties: 3-4. 

Italy: Zani; Mastronicola, Pedotti, Viali, Cibocchi; Brambilla, Grauso, Tarana, Galuppi, Femiano; Guidetti.

Spain: Calleja; Neftali, Dani Marin, Blanco, Juan Fran; Cristian Sánchez, Carpintero, Gurendez;, Manu Sanchez; Aitor Ramos, Losada.



Portugal-The Netherlands 1-0

Score: Milton 1-0. 

Portugal: Miguel; Bafodé, Dorival, Rui Abreu, Dani; Sufrim, Rui Dolores, Rui Lopes, Felipe Candido; Milton, Nimes.

The Netherlands: Varkervisser; Vijgen, Verdellen, Jacobs, Sam Sin; Linssen, Neervoort, Seedorf; Faria, Van Beukering, Rojer.