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The Greek professional footballers’ association PSAP looks back very positively to the match for out of contract players between Greece and Bulgaria. Eleven Greek footballers have found a new club after this special match.


It was the first time the PSAP has organized a match for players out of contract. On Tuesday July 13th, union president Stelios Giannakopoulos was one of the spectators as Team PSAP took on Team ABF. The Greek and Bulgarian players made it an attractive game, with the hosts winning 3-1. Nikos Mitrou, Giorgos Skalapoulos and Nikos Hatzistergiou scored for the home team.


With the start of the championship coming up next weekend, 27, 28 and 29 August, the PSAP has noticed that 11 of its 18 participating players have found a new club. Seven are still hopeful of signing a new contract. Most of the footballers have found employment in the B and C division, respectively the 2nd and 3rd level in Greece.


‘We are going to do it every year’, promised president Giannakopoulos. ‘This was a very good try-out. We have to continue with this.’ The PSAP and ABF are thinking about creating a tournament, like the FIFPro Tournament, with Nezavisnost from Serbia as a possible third participant, and possibly a fourth union from the same region. Besides, the PSAP would like to compete in the FIFPro Tournament.


The following players have found a new club after the match between PSAP and ABF: Kostas Adamopoulos (Ionikos, B), Manolis Thomopoulos (Thrasyvoulos, B), Nikos Mitrou (Pierikos, B), Fotis Daifotis (Keravnos Kerateas, C), Paraskevas Bakalis (Kalloni Mitilini, C), Sotiris Tsatsos (Chania, C), Vaggelis Koutsoures (Eordaikos, C), Giorgos Skalopoulos (Fokikos, C), Giorgios Vakouftsis (Niki Volou, C), Thanasis Sakkas (Apollon Kalamarias, D), Nikos Hatzistergiou (Nea Kallikratia, D).


Click on this link for a video report on Greek television.