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The Greek professional footballers’ association PSAP urges the country’s Football authorities to act swiftly and arrange that all players in the League (including those in the second and third league) are fully covered through insurance.


Although Greek state law says that professional athletes (and their families) should be covered by a private insurance policy, this insurance does not function as it should. That’s a big problem for players in the 2nd and 3rd Division. They are preparing for the new season, that due to postponements, will start as of 30 October 2011, but they are all uninsured.


The PSAP wrote an open letter to demand changes in the current situation of the footballers in the 2nd and 3rd division. ‘It is well known that the private insurance’s policy which is covering the players’ medical and hospital coverage is very often dysfunctional. The validity of this insurance policy expired on 30 June and remains under “suspension” due to reason of non fulfillment of your obligations.’


‘This is creating a serious problem and is endangering the health and the physical integrity of our members and their family. The result is an atmosphere of insecurity which directly affect the provision of working in a safe environment.’


‘It is true that in recent times you are going through many and serious difficulties, nevertheless the coverage of the above mentioned obligation constitutes an issue of absolute priority and importance.‘


‘We demand the immediate settlement of this situation.’




On Saturday, one day before the start of the new season, the problem was solved. All players in the Greek B and C Division started the new season with an insurance.