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The football players of the Greek National team expressed their contentment with the work of both the Greek footballers association PSAP and the World Players' Union, FIFPro. The players recognised the substantive support of both unions, of professional football players in Greece, during a special meeting with the Board of Directors of the PanHellenic Professional Football Players' Association (PSAP).

At the end of the meeting the players of the Greek National Team voted for the FIFA FIFPro World XI.

PSAP President Dionysios Dimopoulos stated, ''PSAP is the football player. And the football player is PSAP. We are football. We're all united, and we are here to make things better, with the help of FIFPro."

"The World Players' Union supports us, and guides us, and all this occurs in a spirit of impeccable cooperation. United, conditions in football will keep improving. Also, always remember that PSAP resiliently stands beside you; especially, in difficult situations, because friends are not measured in joy, but in sorrow."

In return, the players thanked the PSAP for all their efforts, speaking through former national team captain and most capped player Giorgos Karagounis (and current director of the national teams): "All players thank you for your efficiency and your genuine interest. In the last four years, many great accomplishments have been realised for professional football players in Greece."

"We recognise that after 2004, with the conquering of the European Championship, there was a missed opportunity to support you in dealing with serious issues such as pension, life insurance and legal support for the professional player. Nonetheless, we identify in you the necessary skills to help us. In whatever is needed of us, we feel obliged to support you, as we do not forget from where we all originate."

"With this opportunity, please express to FIFPro, on behalf of the Greek National Team, its sincere gratitude for the substantial and valuable assistance it provides. We stand next to PSAP.''



The Greek internationals pledged by PSAP to declare their presence in meetings with all entities that deal with football, so as to claim better conditions for professional footballers in Greece and assert improved conditions in football, with the overall objective of qualitatively upgrading the game.

The PSAP also has high hopes of engaging Theodoros Zagorakis, the captain of the Greek National team that won the 2004 European Championship. Currently, Zagorakis is a Member of the European Parliament. One of the issues that he could assist on is the transition into a new ("second") career for retiring Greek professional football players.

The meeting between the PSAP and the national team was held in a very positive ambience, and the international players displayed obvious interest. The PSAP was represented by among others President Dionysios Dimopoulos, Secretary General Costas Poulios, Vice President John Lasanas and Treasurer Stamatis Sirigos.


What do Greek football players want?

Consistency in agreements, compliance with all that is promised, penalties and sanctions for teams that are not consistent and avoid to meet up to their requirements, solicitousness for football players to avoid being exposed to legal or club maneuvers, assistance to the less fortunate colleagues, a prospect for the future (second career), a socially empowered role of PSAP, with the ultimate objective of respecting the football player.

Payment delays, disagreements in the administration of justice, collective agreements, and difficulties in respect to health and safety issues of the players must be dealt with.



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