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The Greek professional footballers' association PSAP is closing in on the implementation of a guarantee fund. The player union has one final hurdle to overcome, though it knows it can count on the massive support of its players, who have contributed with applying intense pressure towards the realisation of this fund.

During last week's General Assembly, the professional footballers and the PSAP agreed that the implementation of a guarantee fund was one of its top priorities. Backed by the signatures of 80 percent of all players in Greek professional football, the PSAP decided to put the other stakeholders (the Super League, the Football League and the Greek FA) on notice, that if the guarantee fund is not implemented by 30 June 2015, all professional footballers in Greece will not participate in any official competition (league or cup) through the start of the 2015-16 season.

In 2013, the PSAP had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Super League (1st division), the Football League (2nd division) and the Greek FA (EPO). One of the matters that was agreed upon, was the establishment of a guarantee fund. This fund should help players who lose their income because their clubs are unable to pay their salaries (due to bankruptcy or relegation to the amateur league). This fund must be paid for by the clubs and the FA, with each team from the Super League contributing 15,000 euros per year, each Football League team paying 8,000 and the FA donating 50,000.

PSAP Treasurer Stamatis Syrigos: "Everything was agreed on, but it was difficult to get all stakeholders to work on the realisation of the guarantee fund, more in specific the leagues. We did not have any problem with the FA."

Apparently that situation has changed since last week's General Assembly. On Thursday 21 May, ten days after the union and the players issued their warning, the PSAP had a "very good meeting" with the Super League. "We quite easily reached an agreement with the Super League," Syrigos said. "They promised to sign the regulations next week and they will see to it that all required/indebted money will be deposited in time."

The final hurdle on the way to the actualisation of the guarantee fund is a deal with the Football League. Syrigos: "We are trying to organise a meeting with the Football League next week. And I hope this meeting will be as fruitful as the meeting with the Super League."