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The Greek Association of Professional Football Players [PSAP] organised a match-fixing prevention session as part of the “Don't Fix It” campaign. The session took place last week in Athens.


As part of a FIFPro and UEFA initiative which is also co-founded by the European Commission, PSAP is one of nine participating countries in the "Don't Fix It" Project. The project is aimed at improving education and awareness throughout European football on the issue of match fixing, thus ensuring that the integrity of football is maintained.


Speakers and participants at the first Greek session agreed that there is a need of co-operation of all those stakeholders who love football, and a need to provide the proper education and develop the prevention process, as part of Greek football culture. It was noted by all speakers that the fixed games are the product of the action of criminal organisations but, above all, prevention through education is the solution.


Dionysios Dimopoulos, President of the Greek Players Union, said: “All the stakeholders of football in Greece are collaborating to fight the problem of match-fixing. From our conference we will carry-out the message that we are united and dedicated in the war against this criminal phenomenon”.


Tony Higgins, FIFPro Division Europe Board Member and Chair of the Don’t Fix It campaign was one of the speakers at the Greek session. “The PSAP organised a very good conference with all the essential stakeholders from the football family and beyond making relevant contributions”.


“As I mentioned during my speech, the most important issue from now is to organise a local Task Force (comprised of the stakeholders in attendance) and move forward together with a coherent strategy agreed”.


“A training programme around the principles of the Don't Fix It project must also be developed and delivered to all sections of the game; players, referees and officials. Unfortunately too many only concentrate on the role of the player in match-fixing, but we all know it starts at a far higher level”.


The following speakers made presentations during the conference:

  • Tony Higgins, Chair Don’t Fix It, FIFPro Division Europe Board Member
  • Ioannis Djoufras, Integrity Officer Hellenic Football Federation
  • Pierre  Cosmidis, Head Press Officer Super League
  • George  Halyvopoulos, Senior Officer of Greek Police
  • Konstantinos Poulios, General Secretary PSAP
  • Dionysios Dimopoulos, President PSAP
  • Spyros Neofytides, FIFPro Division Europe Board Member
  • Nikolaos Theodorou, Investigator of National Sports Transparency
  • George Kalapotlis, Board Member Football League
  • Sotiris Triantafyllou, President Greek Sports Writers Association
  • Athanasios Briakos, Referee Committee Member
  • Evaggelos Prokos, General Secretary Hellenic Football Trainers Association
  • Athanasios Makryniotis, Legal Advisor PSAP