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President Luis Rubiales of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) expressed his great satisfaction with the friendly game between Spain and Colombia in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, won 1-0 by the world champions, the takings from which will go to the benefit of the AFE.


The money will be used to equip Second Division B stadiums with defibrillatorsand to further the AFE's social project, which includes providing our members with study grants and the assistance of lawyers. A crowd of 72,200 spectators made an excellent turnout for the game.


Rubiales explained how the money would be invested. 'We are going to make good use of it', he said on Spanish television. 'This is a day of celebration for us. We're in a magnificent stadium and we have an opportunity to enjoy it. All of our members - and there are 7,000 of them - were able to come in free. On top of that, the game was played against Colombia, a brother team. We're overjoyed', he said.