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In South Africa the greatest football stars are fighting for the World Cup, in France and Switzerland footballers temporarily without a contract have gathered for training camps organized by their country’s players’ associations. These footballers are fighting to find a new job.


In France the French players’ union UNFP welcomed 22 footballers in Beauvais for its 21st training camp for players without a contract. In Switzerland, at the Hardhof Sportcomplex in Zürich, the SAFP also greeted a number of professional footballers who are still looking for a club.


Of the eight associations be participating in the FIFPro Tournament on the 17th and 18th July, the UNFP and SAFP are the first unions to get their players together. In Slovenia and The Netherlands the respective associations SPINS and VVCS will start training camp on Monday June 25th. In Portugal the SJPF shall begin on the 1st of July, while the Danish (Spillerforeningen), Italian (AIC) and Spanish (AFE) unions shall follow shortly after.


These training camps organized by the associations have one goal: to help footballers without a contract find a new club. The upcoming weeks the supply of out of contract players will be bigger than ever, mostly due to the consequences of the economic crisis. All associations have noticed an increase in the number of players who are interested to join their training camp.


For more information about the FIFPro Tournament, you can login on our special website. On the FIFPro Tournament site you will find information about the participating countries, the tournament schedule, and a summary of all teams and their players. As the squads are still being composed, it is still unknown which players will be participating. But the teams will appear on the website as soon as possible.


Click here to access the FIFPro Tournament website.