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The footballers of Neuchâtel Xamax have resumed their training. Earlier this week the players announced to cancel their training sessions due to unpaid wages for the month September.


On Wednesday, the players refused to practice at the appropriate time. They delayed their training session for one hour to protest against the non-payment. Since then, they have trained as usual. And although the club had promised to pay its players on Thursday October 20th, the players still have not received their wages.


‘They do not want to go on strike’, confirms Lucien Valloni, president of the Swiss professional footballers’ association SAFP. ‘They will play the match this Saturday at FC Lüzern. On Monday we will discuss our next step.’


According to news reports Xamax is suffering from financial difficulties. The club could even go bankrupt. Xamax is owned by Bulat Chagaev. According to media reports the Chechen owner is supposed to be a multimillionaire, but currently neither he is able to pay the players. His bank account is blocked, states Chagaev.


‘This is an absolute intolerable situation and it shows that the current licensing system does not offer enough protection to the players’, says Valloni. ‘Therefore the SAFP is of the opinion that in future the clubs must present a bank guarantee at the beginning of the season to avoid situations such as these from happening. Not only for the benefit of the players, but also to guarantee that the championship can continue in an orderly way.’