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Dozens of professional footballers have joined a campaign by the European Parliament and FIFPro to promote this week’s 2019 European Elections.

German goalkeeper Kevin Trapp and Sweden midfielder Nilla Fischer are among those to send out the message for people across the European Union to go out and vote.

The campaign, using the hashtag #ThisTimeImVoting and #ChooseYourFuture, encourages citizens to use their vote to shape the EU's future. The elections are from May 23-26.

“Every single point of view or every single person is important to get the bigger picture,” Trapp said. "That is why it is important that every single person votes."

Paris Saint-German goalkeeper Trapp played 45 matches on loan at Eintracht Frankfurt this season. Fischer, who has played more than 150 times for Sweden, is leaving VfL Wolfsburg after six years to return to Linköpings FC.

Fischer said she planned to use her European Elections vote to “fight for equal rights.”

“It’s really important that different players take a stand to get people to vote because it does matter,” Fischer said.

Finland captain Tim Sparv, Portugal captain Claudia Neto, Bulgaria midfielder Svetoslav Dyakov and Stefan Schwab of Austria are among other national-team players participating in the continent-wide initiative.

The campaign is supported by 10 European player unions: AIC (Italy), VdF (Austria), HUNS (Croatia), AFE (Spain), SJP (Portugal), Spelarforeningen (Sweden), SPINS (Slovenia), CAFH (Czech Republic), JPY (Finland), and PASP (Cyprus) and ABF (Bulgaria).

FIFPro Europe general secretary Jonas Baer-Hoffman said he was delighted by the support from players and their unions.

“We would really like to thank every single footballer and player union who are involved in this campaign,” Baer-Hoffman said. “It is fantastic they are using their prominent public profile to promote this joint initiative by FIFPro and the European parliament.”

Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, said he was grateful to football players for their contribution to the campaign.

“I am very pleased to see the involvement of so many European professional footballers in this campaign,’’ Tajani said. “This is testimony of the unity and pride that Europeans feel about their continent and sends a strong message about protecting the future of Europe.”