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The first year of the FIFPro Online Academy is running smoothly and students are busy with their second semester. One of these students following this special course for professional footballers is Niklas Moisander, a member of the Finnish national team.


Moisander was one of 51 students who signed up with the FIFPro Online Academy, which started in September 2011. They all began a ‘Sport Management’ degree course at the University College of Northern Denmark, which cooperates with FIFPro in this project.


Moisander is one of six professional footballers from Finland who joined the FIFPro Online Academy. The 26-year old captain of Dutch league leaders AZ, who has also made 24 appearances for Finland, recommends the FIFPro Online Academy to all other professional footballers.


‘Last year, I was thinking that I wanted to be well prepared for the time after my playing career has ended. I applied for this course and I was lucky to get in’, Moisander explains.


‘I really like it', the central defender continues. ‘Studying is also a welcome distraction in my life as a professional footballer. Alongside the physical training I endure as a footballer, I now also have the opportunity to develop myself and improve my knowledge.’


Like his 50 fellow students, Moisander studies online. He can login whenever suits him best and wherever he wants, be it at home, at training camp or anywhere else. That has never been more welcome than this season, as Moisander and his team mates at AZ are travelling extensively. They have been quite successful in three competitions (Dutch League and Cup and Europa League). This Thursday they beat Valencia 2-1 in the first leg of the quarter finals of the Europa League.


‘We have an exceptional number of games this season. But fortunately, the FIFPro Online Academy is really flexible’, Moisander praises. ‘All the lessons and studies are sent directly to me over the net. And the lessons are very easy to follow, whenever I have got the time to do them.’


‘The FIFPro Online Academy is a great opportunity for footballers. If you are interested in studying, you should definitely apply', Moisander recommends.



Currently, FIFPro has already received 30 applications for next season’s degree course in Sport Management. FIFPro invites all professional footballers who are interested in the FIFPro Online Academy to apply to their national professional footballers’ association. For more information they can visit the FIFPro Online Academy website or contact Suzanne Bakker at the FIFPro office.