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FIFPro welcomes a new six-year collective deal that the Danish men’s national team has agreed with its national football association.

“We admire the solidarity and commitment of the players and their union Spillerforeningen in successfully pursuing a deal which will benefit their performance and is fair and proportionate,” said FIFPro Secretary General Theo van Seggelen.

Under the terms of the agreement, the national team will get two new training pitches, an improved medical staff, better travel conditions and their own dedicated cook.

Players will retain their right to individual commercial deals as national-team players, while the Danish football association will get more opportunities to involve groups of national-team players with its own commercial partners.

“The agreement ensures better conditions for all national-team players in the years to come,” Denmark captain Simon Kjaer said. “We all look forward to keeping our focus on playing for the national team because we are proud to play for Denmark.”

With both sides unable to finalize a deal before a September 5 friendly match against Slovakia, the football association replaced regular national team players with amateurs. Other professional players showed their solidarity with the national team players by declining the football association’s invitation to play.

After the Slovakia game, the football association and the player union arranged a provisional agreement for an official match against Wales four days later, and resumed negotiations.

“I am proud of the players, our negotiations team and the members of Spillerforeningen,” Mads Oland, director of the player union, said. “We have had a unique unity in our union.”