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‘Declan Hill’s research will prove to be an invaluable resource in the fight against match-fixing’, said FIFPro Division Europe Vice President Tony Higgins during the launch of investigative journalist Declan Hill’s new book ‘The Insider’s Guide to Match-Fixing in Football’ , on Monday at Birkbeck University of London.


Higgins is also the chairman of the Don’t Fix It project, FIFPro’s education and prevention programme to fight match-fixing in football. For this project, FIFPro cooperates closely with Birkbeck University of London, UEFA and the European Commission.


Higgins: ‘One of the main objectives of the Don't Fix It project is to raise the awareness of match-fixing for people inside football and the general public. Declan's latest book adds to the body of information (which is still developing) about the dangers of match-fixing and the horrendous consequences it can have if it is not vigorously opposed on all fronts.’


This book and Declan Hill’s research are a confirmation of previous statements by FIFPro, Higgins continues. ‘We have been telling all stakeholders in professional football and all authorities that match-fixing does not start with the players, and that the players are the victims. The players are at the bottom of the chain. We have also stated on numerous occasions that it is of significant importance that the players receive their salaries on time. A player who does not get paid is very vulnerable to approaches by match-fixers. We – FIFPro – welcome the fact that Declan has now delivered the scientific proof. This will help our cause.’


In recent months, Hill has contributed among other things to the Don’t Fix It transnational training session in Budapest (Hungary) and has also held a presentation during the FIFPro General Assembly in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Higgins: ‘Declan is more than just an investigative journalist. He does not shy away from criticising and advising all stakeholders in professional football on their roles, including FIFPro.’


Higgins: ‘Declan has spoken at many FIFPro events all over the world and continues to be one of the most effective campaigners in this field. His new book I'm sure will prove to be an invaluable resource in the fight against match fixing.’




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