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The Court of First Instance in Brussels (Belgium) rejected a case against the ban of Third Party Ownership brought by Doyen Sports Investment and Belgian club Seraing United, last Friday 24 July.

The judge dismissed Doyen’s request for a temporary injunction against FIFA’s worldwide ban.

FIFPro voluntarily intervened in the procedure to ensure the players’ interests as workers and citizens were heard by the court.

FIFPro, the world’s professional footballers’ association, is a strong advocate for the abolition of Third Party Ownership, a commercial exploitation of an already dysfunctional transfer market on which the labour of players is traded as a commodity. TPO, being based on the premature termination of contracts and subsequent transfers disrupts employment relationships, interferes with the freedom of movement and harms sustainable management by clubs.

In its decision the judge took into account the arguments brought forward by the union, amongst others concerning human rights of players, including their dignity, personal freedoms and rights as workers.

The decision by the Belgian Court is a positive step towards FIFPro’s efforts to reform the football labour and transfer market, which disregards the rights of players and is harmful to the sustainable development of the football industry.

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