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FIFPro – on behalf of all professional footballers worldwide – wants to show its solidarity with Luis Tejada, the player who last Sunday decided to stop playing and leave the pitch due to continuous racist' insults from some of the fans.

In the 73th minute of his club Juan Aurich's away match at Cienciano, Tejada decided enough is enough. The Panamese footballer picked up the ball and kicked it in the stands as the ultimate protest against his abusers. He then walked of the field. Some of his teammates and opponents tried to stop him, but to no avail. His mind was made up. His love for the game was ruined by some hooligans.

"I am saddened by the sight of Luis Tejada leaving the pitch because of the apparent incessant stream of racist' insults", says Tony Higgins, FIFPro's spokesperson on anti-racism. "Whilst FIFPro don't normally advise players to walk of the pitch due to fans' racist' behavior, in this case we compltely understand his response, especially taking into account that Luis Tejada has been targeted before." Last season, Sporting Cristal hooligans insulted the striker during a match.

FIFPro advises all players to follow the so-called three-step protocol:

  1. report the abuse to the referee
  2. the referee will halt the match and ask for a stadium announcement to request the crowd to immediately stop the chanting
  3. if the abuse continues, the referee is entitled to suspend or even abandon the match.

FIFPro is appalled by the incident, which unfortunately is one of too many in recent weeks, states Higgins, who also refers to recent reports published on racism problems in England and Russia.

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