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FIFPro is delighted that Paolo Guerrero has been successful in his legal battle to play for Peru in the 2018 World Cup.

Along with many professional footballers around the world, we strongly believe that Guerrero's 14-month sanction for unknowingly ingesting a banned substance is unfair and disproportionate.

The outpouring of support from his colleagues including the captains of Australia, Denmark and France – Peru’s World Cup group rivals – (pictured below) is a testament to that.

Both FIFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport agreed that Guerrero did not intend to cheat. Nor, they both agreed, was there any performance-enhancing effect.

While Guerrero has won a temporary reprieve from the Swiss federal court, it is unfortunate that he has to endure such a protracted legal wrangle that is still not over.

FIFPro reiterates its call for FIFA and other football stakeholders to immediately review anti-doping rules in football in order to protect the rights of professional players.

Jedinak Kjaer Lloris 650