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The following is a statement by FIFPro following recent reports on the Football Leaks platform.

FIFPro has taken note of reports, via the Football Leaks platform, on proposals to form a breakaway club competition, the circumvention of Financial Fair Play rules and the artificial inflation of transfer fees that distort the global employment market. These allegations raise serious questions about the governance and regulation of world football.

Just as players and their teams must follow the rules of the game, football executives must also be obliged to comply with regulations. There cannot be fair competition on the pitch without fair competition off the pitch. This must be reflected in transparent and consistent decision-making in our sport.

Innovation should be encouraged to address some of football’s challenges and give the best opportunities for growth and development. This includes exploring new competition formats and using the benefits of globalization. However it is important that the top clubs and competitions recognize they have a responsibility towards the entire industry. It is the collective responsibility of all stakeholders to protect the integrity and values of football.

The sustainability of the professional football pyramid needs to be safeguard. The economic survival of smaller clubs and leagues is at risk and competiveness within championships is vanishing. This affects millions of fans, thousands of jobs for players and raises serious questions about the viability of the industry. Both of these goals – innovation and sustainability – are not mutually exclusive.

FIFPro supports a united football industry and the benefits of connected competitions. We will however defend the ability of players to represent their country and their right to offer their services to any club. We are strongly opposed to the prospect of these freedoms being limited as a consequence of a fight between competition organizers.

Football requires a transparent and responsible dialogue to address how we guarantee the future of our game. We must safeguard football’s deep cultural fabric, encourage innovation and respect the views of those at the heart of the game, players and fans included.