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FIFPro has been in contact with players of Lithuanian football club FC Stumbras, which played in the UEFA Europa League qualifying stages earlier this year.

FIFPro has been made aware of the following:   

  •  Salaries of players -- many of whom earn Lithuania's minimum wage of about 350 euros per month -- have been paid late for a third straight month.
  • The club has contracts with these players which oblige them to pay 3 million euro compensation for unilaterally terminating their contract, whereas the club can terminate with a notice period of 24 hours without paying any compensation.
  • Players who spoke to the New York Times recently about their situation have been told to identify themselves by management and have been threatened with disciplinary sanctions.

As a result of these findings, FIFPro is advising football players against signing for FC Stumbras.

At the same time, FIFPro calls on the Lithuanian Football Association and UEFA to take stronger initiatives to prevent the substandard treatment of players who participate in their competitions.