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The following is a FIFPro statement about Spanish player association AFE.

FIFPro would like to make it clear that we consider our member union, the Asociación de Futbolistas Españoles (AFE), as the representative of professional footballers in Spain and we support its efforts to negotiate a collective agreement on behalf of female players.

For forty years, AFE has fought for the rights of professional footballers in Spain. It has a track record of brokering collective agreements which have advanced the rights of players significantly. We have also witnessed exemplary ownership by the players of their union, AFE. This has been demonstrated by their involvement in recent meetings and industrial actions.

Furthermore, AFE has been at the forefront of a vigorous push for improved conditions for women footballers since merging with the Spanish women’s player association in 2016.

FIFPro will continue working side by side with AFE to ensure the conditions of female players in Spain improve in line with their male counterparts.