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FIFPro has severe concerns about allegations linking the administration of football to a culture of impropriety. While concurrent investigations are ongoing, the claims involved are deeply troubling and a responsible stakeholder cannot idly sit still and accept what has seemingly become standard operating procedure within the world’s most popular sport.

As the officially recognised representative for professional footballers worldwide, FIFPro condemns any form of corruption or collusion which threatens the integrity of the game and welfare of its players. Any investigation that helps to repair the image of football should be welcomed and extended to ensure all actors accused of misrepresenting football across the globe are held accountable.

Current events have been important in helping underscore the prospect of genuine reform and principles of good governance. Never before have calls for wholesale reform been so loud. Football belongs to everyone and it is the responsibility of all stakeholders to address these challenges together. It is unacceptable that football continues to be plagued by continual scandal, which goes to the heart of a governance structure that has failed to uphold the values of fair play.

Through FIFPro, the world’s professional footballers must have a greater say in how the game evolves. Broad and democratic stakeholder involvement, including the players, is critical in aligning the game to respond to the challenges it is facing.

As part of delivering a new and improved regulatory framework which safeguards football's future, both on and off the field, the players deserve strong and equal involvement along with control over issues that affect them as workers and humans and those which are at the core of our game.

Any high level decisions made should be undertaken with players’ interests in mind and the onus is on specific authorities to make the right decisions and fashion the appropriate structure of governance to create beneficial decisions for all stakeholders.

The current alleged behavior shows a perverse disregard for these important considerations. Any governance body or authority with jurisdiction over a specific industry must always consider all of its stakeholders’ interests when reaching a verdict and should refrain from strictly unilateral decision-making.

Certain past decisions have led FIFPro to question whether these essential principles are being upheld at the highest level of football’s governance. FIFPro underscores its commitment to fighting for the good of the players while preserving the sanctity of football and generating solutions which work to the benefit of all.