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Publications in the Swiss press seem to indicate that FIFPro is supporting the actions of the club FC Sion. This is a misinterpretation of the statement FIFPro published on its website on 25 October.


In the statement FIFPro emphasized that it fully supports the mechanism in order to solve disputes within the football family. Therefore FIFPro endorsed the outcome of the discussions between FIFA and the European Commission leading to the FIFA Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP) in 2001 and never changed this approach.


However, the FIFA Statutes indicate that exceptions from the prohibition to a civil court are possible. These exceptions are necessary in order to safeguard fundamental rights. In the RSTP a clear reference to civil court is made in article 22.


The fact that this reference addresses both players and clubs is questionable according to FIFPro as fundamental rights do address persons and not legal entities like football clubs. This means there is no need to allow clubs to go to civil courts even in labour cases.


FIFPro does not support clubs or players that attempt to circumvent the FIFA Regulations and decisions taken on the basis of these regulations. It seems quite logical that parties involved will be sanctioned. On the other hand FIFPro expects a similar approach from FIFA against all parties trying to circumvent FIFA jurisdiction.