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Dorte Helleskov, Richard McKay and Avuyille Pawule collected the last three FIFPro Fair Play Awards during the Homeless World Cup. On Saturday these three standouts joined the presentation of the Fair Play World 8 in front of a packed centre court at Amsterdam's Museumplein, minutes before the men’s Homeless World Cup final was to kick off.

Team Denmark's Dorte Helleskov was awarded on Friday for her performance throughout the tournament. Paul Nagtegaal, who refereed some of Dorte’s matches, said: “Dorte is simply a good spirited player, she is always cheering from the sidelines and looking after everyone on the pitch. She is also very considerate of the opposite team.” The award was presented by former Egyptian World Cup hero and President of the Egyptian Players Union (EPFA) Magdy Abdelghani, who is also a FIFPro Division Africa Board Member.

On Saturday it was Richard McKay’s turn. The Northern Ireland player was picked for interrupting a game after a player from the opposing team fell injured. Rather than taking advantage of the situation, Richard stopped playing and ensured the injured opponent was looked after. Tony Higgins (PFA Scotland and FIFPro) and John Hudson (PFA England and FIFPro) handed over the award.

“I’m overwhelmed. This feels incredible," McKay said upon receiving the award. “Respect is something everyone should have for each other. For me, winning this award is better than any other thing.”

Dorte Richard Avuyile 640

Dorte Helleskov, Richard McKay and Ayuvile Pawule

The final player to earn this recognition was Avuyille Pawule. In fact, it was the entire South African team which won the award for their upbeat behavior, enthusiastically singing and dancing before and after their matches, with everyone who wanted to join in. As Avuyille was the captain, the trophy was handed over to him by FIFPro Secretary General Theo van Seggelen. While Van Seggelen hugged and congratulated Avuyille, all other South African players once again started signing.

Van Seggelen and Avuyille remained on the pitch. They were joined by the seven previous winners of the Fair Play Award to form the FIFPro Fair Play World 8: Jannike Lindahl (Sweden), Adrian Orlowski (Poland), Milan Jiskra (Czech Republic), Kim De Ceukeleer (Belgium), Lau Yui (Hong Kong), Dorte Helleskov (Denmark) and Richard McKay (Northern Ireland).

“I want to congratulate all of you," Van Seggelen said, “as you have best demonstrated the spirit of this wonderful tournament. You have proven to be true sportsmen and sportswomen. Maybe you did not win all the matches, but to me, to FIFPro, that is not important, because you all are winners.”

Later that day, Van Seggelen commented on FIFPro’s partnership with the Homeless World Cup. “This was the first year of the three-year partnership we signed with the Homeless World Cup. We are pleased with the event and what it stands for and we have enjoyed being a special part of it with the presentation of the Fair Play Awards. We have noticed that players and teams picked up on this idea that the Homeless World Cup is not about winning, but about a much broader goal. That it is about jointly working towards that goal. That you need people who look after you, who help you get up when you have fallen to the ground. FIFPro wants to be that organization to offer that helping hand. We are already looking forward to the next edition and our contribution to it.”

FFP World 8 640

Dorte Helleskov, Milan Jiskra, Richard McKay, Adrian Orlowski, Theo van Seggelen,
Kim De Ceukeleer, Jannike Lindahl, Lau Yui and Avuyile Pawule