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FIFPro has officially presented the first copy of the FIFPro Black Book Eastern Europe to representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament and Europol.


The book was presented to the guests on behalf of FIFPro by Dejan Stefanovic, Theo van Seggelen and Dragisa Pejovic. Stefanovic as spokesman for the Task Force Eastern Europe, Van Seggelen as secretary general.


Pejovic is quoted in the Black Book. He is now a former professional footballer. The defender left professional football after a number of unpleasant experiences, such as non-payment, abuse, racism, blackmail and bribery. Before Pejovic presented the Black Book, he talked briefly about the black period in his career as professional footballer.


The nasty experiences suffered by Pejovic illustrate the many problems which confront professional footballers in Eastern Europe. The Black Book gives an overview of these problems based on the experiences of 3.357 players that cooperated in the study.


FIFPro Task Force Eastern Europe undertook research into problems professional footballers encountered in Eastern Europe. The Task Force examined the following issues:

  • Payment of salaries and bonuses
  • Training
  • Violence
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Match fixing
  • Racism and discrimination