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FIFPro is proud to announce that it has agreed to a partnership with the campaign group Show Racism the Red Card. During the next three years, both organisations will co-operate closely, assist each other and jointly launch initiatives in the fight against racism and discrimination, aiming for more diversity in football and society.

In 2015, FIFPro is to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The world players union is planning many events and activities in the calendar in recognition of the work of the organisation and its member player unions.

Tony Higgins, FIFPro anti-racism spokesperson: "Promoting the fight against discrimination will be high on our agenda next year. We will be asking our unions to join us in this struggle which appears to be unrelenting in many parts of the world, as recent incidents have illustrated".

One of FIFPro's objectives will be asking the player unions to work in their individual countries with experienced non-governmental organisations (NGO's) in an effort to tackle discrimination. Creating partnerships on the ground will assist the player associations in dealing with these problems. Last but not least, FIFPro will also be creating a new global initiative.

Higgins: "In view of the foregoing, the FIFPro Board has decided that we will also work closely with Show Racism the Red Card - an organisation many of our members are aware of and indeed have worked with. For the next three years, Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) will be one of our three Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partners. It will assist us developing our response to racism and discrimination and other diversity issues".

"The Show Racism the Red Card campaign will be particularly useful for countries that have yet to decide on a delivery mechanism to combat discrimination and for countries where there is not an experienced NGO currently working on the ground.  We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with the campaign."

Show Racism the Red Card is a familiar face to many members of the FIFPro family. In various countries, player associations have already created a close alliance with SRtRC, among others PFA England, PFA Scotland, Spillerforeningen Denmark, NISO Norway and SFS Sweden. Other unions are willing to embrace the campaign which literally shows the red card to racism.

In England, for example, SRtRC visits schools and clubs to educate the young people about anti-racism and diversity. In most of the events, the SRtRC representatives are joined by local football heroes who voluntarily help get the message across to the young people.

"We are delighted to be able to develop our relationship with FIFPro over the next three years", said SRtRC Chief executive Ged Grebby. "We would like to thank FIFPro for making us their CSR partner".

"We are starting work on updating our main educational film and have conducted some great interviews in the last few months with top players from the Premier League in England".

FIFPro will publish many of the interviews on its website, in the dedicated Show Racism the Red Card menu. Click here for an overview of the videos, including recent interviews with Cesc Fabregas (Chelsea and Spain), Siem de Jong (Newcastle United), Jozy Altidore (Sunderland) and Carlton Cole (West Ham United).

Grebby: "Using the good practice example of the anti-racism work in the United Kingdom, we hope to be able to extend our model to other countries and make a significant contribution to the global fight against racism".

Higgins: "Football can show the world that what unites us is far greater than what divides us".

For more information about Show Racism the Red Card, visit their website.

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Tony Higgins and Frederique Winia (members of FIFPro Player Social Responsibility Committee) and Ged Grebby (Chief Executive Show Racism the Red Card)



Picture above: representatives of all FIFPro player associations Show Racism the Red Card. Click here for a large version