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FIFPro has launched a website for the FIFPro Online Academy, the project that is to provide professional footballers with dual career training. The address of this website is


People interested in the FIFPro Online Academy or are willing to join it, can visit the website to gather information about the online education program. They can also ask for a brochure or DVD with information by submitting a request through


In addition, the FIFPro Online Academy website offers partners the possibility to exchange information concerning the FIFPro Online Academy. Therefore the website is provided with external and internal areas.


In the nearby future the website will be used by students, mostly professional footballers. They will be able to login and follow their courses online, from wherever they may be undertaking their football training.


The purpose of the FIFPro Online Academy is to ensure that young footballers in particular have opportunities to access training and education in vocational areas to help them gain employment at the end of their sporting careers. The academy is expected to be used by 250 individual beneficiaries per year from 2011. In total 12 FIFPro member unions in 11 EU Member States are participating in this project.