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More students than expected have started the FIFPro Online Academy, a cooperation of the world players’ union with the University College of Northern Denmark (UCN). Twelve European footballers’ associations have joined this project.


Recently, 51 sportsmen successfully started their bachelor course ‘Sport Management’ at the UCN. FIFPro’s initial aim was to commence with 25 people, but there was a great interest. Over 75 professional sportsmen and sportswomen applied to participate in the program. After the application procedure and tests were done, the FIFPro Online Academy started with 51 students from 10 countries: Denmark, England, Finland, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Slovenia and Sweden.


The entire bachelor course is online. This concept gives sportsmen and sportswomen  the chance to receive a BA-degree in ‘Sport Management’ next to their active sports career.


UCN records the lectures for the Sport Management program given at the university and puts them online. When those lectures are uploaded, the online students will receive a message. They can login and follow the lectures at the moment which suits them best, and wherever they would like, be it at home, at training camp or anywhere else. The students also participate in exercises and group activities online. And they can also receive online guidance.


The students of the FIFPro Online Academy follow the exact same program which the ‘regular students’ follow at the university.


Rasmus Haagensen, member of the FIFPro Online Academy Steering Group, is satisfied with the start of the Online Academy. Still, there is  a lot of work ahead, he says: ‘Being a 100% online education, there’s no one to keep the students up to the mark. We need to stay close to the students, by keeping a close dialogue and making sure they are kept motivated. It’s important that we have advisors actively keeping in touch with each and every one of them.’


Recently, Danish television showed an item about the FIFPro Online Academy.