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Steven Bryce and Reynaldo Parks received this years’ FIFPro Merit Award. During its Congress in Kuala Lumpur the world-wide players’ union for professional footballers paid tribute to both board members of the Costa Rican union ASOJUPRO for the voluntary work they developed. 

FIFPro presents its yearly Merit Award to one or more footballers who made themselves useful for a good cause. The Merit Award does not only represent a special honor, but also a financial amount of 25 thousand US dollars to be spend on a good cause. The first two awards were given to the African players Ibrahim Kargbo (2008) and Shabani Nonda (2009).

This time the award went to Central America. The former Costa Rican internationals Steven Bryce and Reynaldo Parks are the initiators of the FUT.I.VAL project which they started for the first time in November 2009 for children and youngsters from the ghettoes and deprived neighborhoods.

Bryce and Parks have fixed themselves a few objectives with FUT.I.VAL (Futbol con integridad y valores), namely:

  • To show that the footballer is an integral part of society;
  • To motivate children and adolescents to be responsible and disciplined in everything they do;
  • To encourage positive mutual relationships as well as positive relationships between them and society;
  • To motivate the children and youngsters to continue their studies and their personal trainings;
  • Drug abuse prevention.

ASOJUPRO president Reynaldo Parks and executive director Steven Bryce are delighted with winning the Merit Award. ‘We want to continue our social work. We will be using the money from this prize to help with sporting goods such as football shoes and to help the youth finish their primary and secondary studies.

‘We hope to help these kids build a future, that they can have careers thanks to studying for example English, technology or communication, that they will be able to get a job and take their wages to their homes. This second step has been in our minds and thanks to your economic help we will achieve this important goal for their lives. Thank you.’