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During the Budapest Congress, FIFPro and FIFA evaluated the MoU signed by the two bodies in 2006. 'Though we have made good progress and witness tangible improvements, it is still insufficient', according to FIFPro General Secretary Theo van Seggelen.


'In the light of the current problems faced within football, caused among others by the financial crisis, it is necessary to act quickly and efficiently. If we wait too long before taking the necessary measures, the world might already have changed.'


'FIFA as well as FIFPro consider that little time is left and that it is high time to take the necessary measures. Worldwide we should give high priority to laying the foundations for minimum contract requirements and for resolving any disputes that may arise in relation to contracts.'


Van Seggelen is referring to FIFA's efforts to improve the circumstances for players by introducing the minimum contractual requirements for all of its member federations as soon as possible and by establishing dispute resolution chambers in all countries.