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FIFPro Division Europe is an advocate of a package of measures and therefore does not agree with UEFA’s proposal of squad size limits as a stand-alone measure to solve financial problems in football.


In Fayence, the general assembly of FIFPro Division Europe underlined that it puts question marks behind the introduction of squad size limits. This limitation prohibits teams to have more than 25 players under contract during the season, in order to help those clubs cope with their financial difficulties.


The lone implementation of squad size limits will not be sufficient, is the opinion of FIFPro Division Europe. Secretary general Theo van Seggelen added that FIFPro is not unwilling to co-operate with the introduction of squad size limits, albeit under special conditions. ‘In a package of measures, the squad size limits can be one of the measures. But first, we must investigate the consequences.’


During its extraordinary general assembly in March, FIFPro Division Europe already discussed a legal analysis  of the Squad Size Limits proposal. The conclusion was that there are large legal objections against the implementation of the Squad Size Limits. Besides, the General Assembly spoke in detail about the consequences that have occurred in countries with already existing Squad Size Limits.


In Fayence, the general assembly also raised its concerns about the current economic situation and the consequences for the employment of footballers. FIFPro has learned that more and more clubs have to cut into their budget. Less players are offered new contracts, therefore the employment rate of footballers shall decrease. In such a situation there seems to be even less need for Squad Size Limits.