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The board of FIFPro Europe discussed a variety of priority issues for players and its relations with football’s stakeholders during a meeting at FIFPro House in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, on June 26.

The board talked about the substantial impact of football’s significantly changing sporting and economic landscape on players’ employment conditions at present and future. For the benefit of the long-term viability of a broad professional football landscape, comprehensive solutions are required to balance the opportunity for growth at the top of our sport with a sustainable basis on domestic level. FIFPro will engage with football’s stakeholders with a view to safeguarding and maximizing the number of quality jobs for players across the continent.

The board agreed that the exponential economic growth of club football has not translated to improved working and playing conditions for many players. Common European-wide standards for contracts, arbitration, free movement rights and respect for players’ human rights must be the basis for a just and fair development of football. FIFPro insists that the implementation of such standards is finally given the priority and urgency required by all stakeholders in the game.

The board set a variety of further priority items for the coming period including the international and European match calendar, the enforcement of collective bargaining rights of players in the governance of football, the impact of emerging technologies on players and player development and wellbeing.

Jonas Baer-Hoffmann, FIFPro Europe’s Secretary General, said: “The football industry looks to undergo drastic changes in the coming years, which can either lead to improvements or deteriorations of European football. What is certain however, is that we cannot develop football successfully, where players are not being afforded fair and just conditions. It is the players who step on the pitch, excite fans and write the history of their club or country.”

“Across Europe we are organizing the players to defend their rights and be a central part of building the game.”