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FIFPro wants to firmly tackle some abuses in East European professional football. The worldwide union for professional footballers will herewith also call upon UEFA and FIFA to take necessary measures.


During the recent FIFPro Eastern Europe Conference in Thessaloniki it turned out that two of the largest problems confronting footballers in Eastern Europe are the non-payment of players and having footballers train separately.


FIFPro has decided to draw up a black book containing both an overview of clubs which are guilty of non-payment, as well as an overview of clubs which have players train separately from the main squad. During the coming six months the Task Force Group Eastern Europe will meticulously analyse all abusive practices with the help of the FIFPro members from Eastern Europe.


FIFPro intends to offer the black book to both UEFA and FIFA. In addition, FIFPro will emphatically request the European football association and the World football association to confront the clubs stated in the black book about their behaviour and if necessary to punish them.


‘FIFPro is incredibly shocked by the many stories which we have heard’, declared Philippe Piat, chairman of the Task Force Group Eastern Europe and chairman of FIFPro Division Europe. ‘Players who must train at night because they refuse to extend a contract, players who receive no money for months. This kind of abusive practice must come to an end.’


‘It is time that also clubs in Eastern Europe come to realise, that the professional football player is an employee. An employee who not only has obligations, but also has rights. Rights which must be respected by the clubs, all of the clubs.  If clubs are not able to or do not want to keep to this, then they have no business in professional football.’