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FIFPro’s press release on blasphemy caused a lot of discussion in the Italian press and football world. FIFPro hereby wants to make very clear that it does not approve cursing nor blasphemy by football players. On the contrary. Players must be aware that they are role models for millions of youngsters and that negative behaviour will affect their fans. 


FIFPro’s secretary general Theo van Seggelen: ’FIFPro has always supported programmes in order to secure decent behaviour of players and will continue to do so. Respect is the keyword. This means that there is no difference between the objective of FIFPro and the Italian FIGC. We both aim to limit cursing and blasphemy in our sport and we both advocate respect. Only the way in which FIGC wants to tackle the problem is in our opinion not the appropriate solution.’


’For FIFPro as global union the education of players is the key to the solution of the problem’, explains Van Seggelen FIFPro's point of view. 'In the immediate future giving a yellow card is for instance a substantial and proportionate measure by the referee in order to give a signal of disapproval.’