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FIFPro Division Europe and the European Former Football Players Association, EFPA, joined forces. In Paris both presidents, Philippe Piat (FIFPro Division Europe) and Ramon Alfonseda (EFPA), signed a mutual agreement.


EPFA and FIFPro Division Europe mutually recognized each other and resolved to reinforce their cooperation and dialogue on the major issues in football. The duration of the agreement is one year.


Philippe Piat said: ‘We, FIFPro, do our utmost to protect the rights of the professional footballers. Through this cooperation with EFPA, we also aim to improve the position of the former professional footballers.’


‘FIFPro wants to show its solidarity with the former players. EFPA was in dire need of financial support, and knocked on our door. FIFPro is of the opinion that we should react on EFPA’s call for support.’


Piat: ‘We all are family: once a footballer, always a footballer.’


Amongst the objectives of the cooperation between FIFPro Division Europe and EFPA are:

  • mutual support
  • to increase the number of organized former players involved in EFPA
  • development of second career plans for players and former players
  • activities for former players (golf tournament, futsal competition)


In recent years, FIFPro and EFPA cooperated in the organization of the FIFPro golf tournament: the European Footballers Golf Classic. The tournament, which was held this summer in Kiev, Ukraine, has grown out to be a very special occasion for former and current professional footballers in Europe to meet in a different and more relaxing environment.


EFPA is the association of former professional footballers in Europe. It was established in Barcelona, 2004, and has members in amongst others Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, France, Russia and England.