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FIFPro Division Americas recently visited Guatemala and El Salvador. Footballers in the two countries from Middle America have established players’ associations. In the future these associations hope to become a FIFPro member. A report from the trip to El Salvador.


The footballers’ association of El Salvador AFES requested FIFPro for advice. On behalf of FIFPro and FIFPro Division Americas board members Rinaldo Martorelli and Fernando Revilla and FIFPro Americas secretary general Fernando Barboza visited the country.


Former 1970 World Cup veteran Salvador Mariona is the chairman of the board of AFES. He knows that the situation in El Salvador is not easy. Next to that the AFES members were surprised from what they heard from the FIFPro representatives about the existing regulations and the Memorandum of Understanding signed by FIFA and FIFPro. Apparently they had not heard about this MoU.


The FIFPro and AFES delegates were received by the Minister of Home Affairs, Humberto Centeno Najarro. During a ‘pleasant meeting’ they discussed the current situation of football in El Salvador. The Minister promised to cooperate with AFES, while FIFPro board members Martorelli and Revilla informed the Minister about the objectives and the commitment of FIFPro concerning the rights of all footballers in the world, including those in El Salvador.