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The following is a press release released by the Asociacion de Futbolistas del Ecuador (AFE) on August 28 relating to situations of non-payment suffered by players of the club Barcelona in the country:

The Ecuadorian Footballers’ Association (AFE) categorically rejects the statements made to the press by the President of the Football Committee of Barcelona SC Guayaquil questioning the  declarations by the Club’s players, who claimed that they are owed three months’ pay, because the club executive considers that “they have not played well, and the results go hand in hand with the financial side."

Such a comment amounts to saying that the players are only to be paid when they win and that they bear sole responsibility for whatever problems the club may be going through. This purported excuse merely lays bare the reality of Ecuadorian football and the presence of executives who are incapable of facing up to the responsibilities they should be accepting. Once again we draw attention to the grave economic crisis affecting not only Barcelona SC but the whole of Ecuadorian football. Ironically those same executives who have shown so little responsibility and have been so slow to pay are the ones now talking about a new professional league, based on the same old prejudice of ignoring the players.

This Tuesday, 1 September, the AFE will go before the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) to demand the application of disciplinary measures against the delinquent clubs that owe three months’ pay and that should be obliged to pay off at least two months, including Olmedo de Riobamba, Liga de Loja, Deportivo Quevedo, Barcelona SC and Deportivo Quito, among others. Once again it has been shown that the “funding” of the budgets presented by the clubs and accepted by the FEF is absolutely unreliable.