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Next Thursday 18 February 2010 the social partners in professional football (FIFPro, ECA, EPFL and UEFA) will meet in Brussels. FIFPro expects that a final accord on the collective agreement will be reached during this meeting.


The agreement will mainly contain the Minimum Requirements for player’s contracts that were already agreed upon by FIFPro, EPFL and UEFA in 2006. In fact, these minimum requirements represent a standard for proper behaviour for both club and player. They regard basic conditions for a professional contract, like social insurances or representative behaviour.


Once the social partners have finalized this collective agreement, new topics can be added to the agenda in order to come to a broader cooperation on a European level. For example, FIFPro hopes to start negotiations on matters like a career fund or a players council.


The level of this Social Dialogue is unique at this stage. It can serve as an example for other branches of industry within the EU. FIFPro is confident that new results can be achieved within the next years to come.