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FIFPro Secretary-General, Theo van Seggelen, has today been appointed to the Executive Committee of UNI World Athletes. Through this initiative, professional footballers worldwide, represented by FIFPro, will continue to help advance the fundamental rights of athletes across the globe.

In another new development, Brendan Schwab, who has played an important role within FIFPro, is to lead the global athletes’ organisation, with his appointment as Head of UNI World Athletes confirmed today.

FIFPro will be well represented on the Executive Committee of UNI World Athletes, with Van Seggelen joined by Dejan Stefanovic (FIFPro Board member) and Frederique Winia (FIFPro Director of International Relations and Member Services).

FIFPro is entitled to three members on the Executive Committee of UNI World Athletes due to the scale of FIFPro’s membership among professional athletes (some 65,000 professional footballers as part of the 85,000 athlete strong organisation).

FIFPro has assisted in the development of UNI World Athletes since the inaugural world athletes’ summit was hosted by UNI in Nyon in November 2011.

FIFPro, together with UNI Global Union and key athlete bodies such as EU Athletes, FICA, IRPA, the NFLPA and the NHLPA, helped guide the development of the body including the negotiation of the statutes of UNI World Athletes (as an autonomous sector of UNI Global Union), the building of the membership base of the body on a global basis and the development of policies in the six key priority areas:

  • Good governance
  • Integrity
  • Athletes development and wellbeing
  • Athlete health and safety
  • Organizing
  • Image rights

UNI World Athletes brings together professional athletes’ organisations from football (via FIFPro), cricket, rugby union, ice hockey, baseball, American football, basketball, rugby league, netball, cycling and Australian football.

Media Contacts

To arrange an interview with Brendan Schwab or for more information please contact: Richard Elliott, Director of Communications UNI Global Union,, +41 79 794 9709.

For FIFPro related inquiries, please contact Andrew Orsatti, Director of Communications FIFPro,, +31 613 645 946.