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FIFPro today has participated in a meeting of the UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council (PFSC), ahead of the Europa League final in Lyon, where FIFA’s plans to launch two new competitions have been discussed.

FIFA's proposals can have a very significant impact on the future of professional football worldwide.

It is FIFPro‘s obligation and interest to contribute to the sustainable growth of football, to the benefit of all member players and professional competitions that provide decent employment conditions.

FIFPro is analysing how the proposed competitions would benefit this development as well as their impact on those players participating in those matches.

FIFPro is taking the time needed to gather and assess the views of its unions and consult with players directly about the potential impact on their working lives.

Critical issues such as player workload and the amount of recovery time players need between matches will be factored into FIFPro’s decision-making process.

"A time for change has come and FIFPro will continue to engage in conversations with FIFA as well as all others stakeholders on these proposals and other ideas that can contribute to positive improvements for players and the game," said FIFPro President Philippe Piat.