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FIFPro introduced four new members in its family. During the General Assembly in Washington DC, the professional footballers’ associations of Croatia (HUNS), Czech Republic (CAFH), Montenegro (SPCFN) and Ukraine (All Ukrainian Professional Footballers’ Association) were all named new members.


After the addition of these four players’ unions, the FIFPro family consists of 49 members and 6 candidate members.


FIFPro’s secretary general Theo van Seggelen officially welcomed representatives of all four unions as full member of FIFPro. The presidents of these associations  signed the official membership documents and received the FIFPro flag as a symbol of their new status.


Two of these four players’ associations have quickly evolved into solid unions: both Croatia and the Czech Republic were established in 2011, and with the help of their prominent presidents (Dario Simic and Karel Poborsky respectively) they were able to rapidly make all necessary steps to become a full member.


The players’ union of Montenegro also made a quick promotion. Last year during the FIFPro general assembly in Israel, the Montenegrin union was introduced as candidate member, just like their colleagues from Croatia and the Czech Republic. The footballers’ association of Ukraine was introduced as a candidate member in 2010, during the general assembly in Malaysia.


In Washington, FIFPro changed the status of AFE, the professional footballers’ association of Ecuador. It has become a candidate member. AFE had been suspended since August 2011 due to bad practices and abuses by its former president, Emilio Valencia. But since the union removed former president from his position, AFE has made important strides to regain its status as a reliable footballers’ association. In Washington, AFE was represented by secretary general Jorge Guzman and president Iván Hurtado (167 caps for the national team of Ecuador).


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