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On Thursday morning, FIFPro and UEFA signed a Memorandum of Understanding. It includes agreements that both parties will collaborate closely to address problems such as those described in the FIFPro Black Book Eastern Europe.


In the coming three years, FIFPro Division Europe and UEFA will collaborate closely to tackle matters such as the non-payment of players’ salaries and to guarantee that players’ contracts are respected. Naturally, FIFPro and UEFA will also address other urgent problems such as match fixing, violence towards players, racism and discrimination.


Objectives identified for 2012-2015:

  • Stepping up the fight against match-fixing: Establishment of a joint approach with regard to the fight against match-fixing, including as well, if possible, the other professional football stakeholders. Focus should especially be put on the preventive measures against match-fixing: e.g. education of players, officials, coaches and referees.
  • Cooperating on club licensing and financial fair play: Extensive cooperation on club licensing and financial fair play. This could include, for example, exchange of information on overdue payables, dual contracts and other malpractices in professional clubs.
  • Collaborating on social dialogue: Joint efforts to support the implementation of the Agreement regarding the minimum requirements for standard player contracts in the professional football sector in the European Union and the rest of the UEFA territory.
  • Promoting national team football: Using the privileged contacts of both organisations to join forces in an innovative approach to promote and strengthen the value and image of national team football.
  • Tackling together any type of discrimination and violence: Further cooperation on each other’s campaigns against violence, racism and other forms of discrimination. Study the possibility to further integrate both organisations’ campaigns in this respect into a true joint effort.
  • Helping the reintegration of unemployed players: Cooperation on the promotion and support for the FIFPro players without contract tournaments. Study the possibility to further develop the cooperation on other aspects of the tournaments and the training of unemployed players.
  • Promoting the dual career of players: Knowledge exchange on relevant e-learning solutions and education for players. Investigate further possibilities on the promotion of dual career of players and on ways to support the FIFPro Online Academy and other initiatives in this respect from FIFPro and their member unions.