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FIFPro Division Europe is one of the organizations trying to create a European Championship in 2012 that will not be disturbed by acts of racism, violence and aggression. A delegation of FIFPro Division Europe met with other parties in Poland, co-host of EURO 2012 with Ukraine.


Tony Higgins, board member of FIFPro Division Europe, and Frederique Winia, assistant secretary general of FIFPro, went to Warzaw together with representatives of FARE and UEFA.


The three parties had a meeting with local organisations as anti-racist association Never Again, the Polish football association PZPN, the association of former professional players and the Polish players’ union PZP, which was represented by president Marek Pieta and general manager Bartosz Urbanczyk.


‘It was our aim to convince the local organizations of working together. They must all join one campaign’, said Winia. ‘There are problems with racism and nationalism in Poland and Ukraine. FIFPro Division Europe, FARE and UEFA have indicated to the Polish organizations that EURO 2012 is supposed to be a European event, not a Polish event or a Ukrainian event.’


‘Next on the agenda is a visit to Kiev, where we have planned a meeting between all local organizations in Ukraine’, explained Winia. ‘When we have convinced the Ukrainian parties to co-operate, then our next step will be a mutual meeting with stakeholders from Poland and Ukraine.’