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FIFPro and Germany's professional footballers' association (VDV) have today reached an agreement to cooperate on future projects of common interest. This new understanding will highlight the representation of players' rights in one of the game's premier labour markets while ensuring both parties work together to address some of the biggest challenges currently facing the sport.

Bobby Barnes, President of FIFPro Division Europe, said, "We are delighted that after many years of negotiation and hard work we are now in a position to reach an agreement with our colleagues in Germany. It is one more important step in bolstering FIFPro´s authentic position as the exclusive collective voice of professional footballers worldwide."

"One of my first priorities when I became President of FIFPro Division Europe was to ensure that we represented as many nations as possible across the continent."

"Germany is a must, one of the great footballing nations. It's enjoying a wonderful resurgence of late, as we saw in 2013 with German-based players selected in the World XI (an annual player-driven vote organised by FIFPro) for the first time," Barnes concluded.

A FIFPro delegation, led by Barnes, met with VDV directors Lars Kindgen and Ulf Baranowsky, in Duisburg, to formalise the agreement which will see best practice shared in areas such as the fight against match-fixing, anti-discrimination, doping and other player-related issues which help bring about effective measures that protect the welfare of all professionals based in Germany.

One project of common interest will be to support an ever-increasing number of German-based players in the World XI process. Voting forms are sent to players worldwide and returned to FIFPro for counting. In 2013, the VDV assisted in obtaining almost 750 player votes, a number which both parties hope to exceed this year to further enhance the prestige of the World XI.