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Today’s events at the FIFA Congress in Zurich are critical as FIFPro looks ahead with a firm expectation towards all involved in world football to establish a robust commitment to urgent reform.

The coming four-year term under newly-elected FIFA President Sepp Blatter aligns with FIFPro’s critical objectives to restructure the football labour market and the governance of the professional football industry.

The decisions taken today by FIFA and its member associations will be discussed in detail as members of the FIFPro board prepare to assemble next week (June 2-3), at FIFPro House near Amsterdam, to assess the most appropriate next steps for the World Players’ Union.

FIFPro, on behalf of the 65,000 professional footballers it represents worldwide, is committed to taking a leadership role in reforming football’s governance model that FIFPro insists does not provide room for fair representation and decision making influence for the players and fails to protect their rights as workers and human beings. 

This is one of the core structural deficiencies identified by FIFPro and a key to progressively realign football as a game and industry. It runs parallel with the objective to always improve the overall health of football for the benefit of all who expect responsible leadership from those tasked to govern both the professional and amateur game.

The integrity of football is at stake and a solution to improve the manner in which world football is administered and takes important decisions that involve the interests of players and other stakeholders will be paramount to confront challenges of the future.